Click on your left mouse button and drag. Click on the menu items at the bottom of the page for more choices. Explore and have fun!

**Old Masters Studio**
This is just too much fun! Create a new (or use an example as a guide or template) masterpiece of art using FOOD! Yes, that's right -- FOOD! Change the backgrounds and drag various fruits and vegetables to make a portrait (that's a face painting).

Lego Comic Builder
Enjoy building a 'comic book' using Legos as your characters and setting. Have fun!

Color with Crayola
Choose your drawing tool and color and let the artist in you come out to play!

Click on the word 'Create' on the top menu. Then click on the domino then click on the canvas (white area), keep repeating it. When you think you have a domino falling path made, click on the ball on the top menu and click in the front of your domino path. Then click 'Play' in the top menu. To start over just click 'Clear' in the top menu.

Click and drag your mouse around. Click on the buttons at the bottom of your screen and see what you can create. Enjoy!

This is Sand
Click and hold your left mouse button. Move your mouse around on the screen. See if you can create a landscape of mountains and snow. Don't spend too much time here!

See if you can create a picture using the colored pegs.

Think of it like checkers -- you can jump over a blob into an empty space. All you have to do is click and drag the blob you want to jump. Your goal? Have ONLY one blob remaining on the screen. Good luck!

Draw a Stickman
This website is just tooooooooo much fun! Be sure to read carefully and draw what you are told to draw!

Color with Crayola
Use digital pencils, crayons and markers and get creative. Become a digital artist at this website.

Make a Jackson Pollack
Click and drag to create splatter marks. Every time you click your mouse, the color will change.

Doodle Pad
Click on a crayon to change the color, click and drag the slider to change the size of your line.

Fly Catch
Try to have your spider catch as many flies as it can in the time given.

Lily Hop
Try to have the frog catch as many dragonflies as it can in the time given.

**PBS Vocabulary Games**
Over 20 games to choose from.