This activity is really called, 'Making Words', but since I'm part of playing the game -- and I play to win -- it has been renamed 'Beat the Teacher'. Students are given between 6 and 8 letters and are given about 10 minutes to make as many words as they can from those letters. I then write all the words I have come up with on the board. Once I have exhausted what I believe to be all possible words I turn to the class and call out, 'Beat the Teacher'. At this point any student who has a word which I do not have gets to call it out and the class gets a point for the word. Points are tallied with the goal of beating the class score from last year (currently 235), with a resulting pizza party. At the end of the activity, students must write a sentence using at least two of the words from the board. Those sentences that are considered 'WOW!' are posted below for you to read (I do not edit student work). Enjoy!

CURRENT SCORE (as of October 12, 2001 - 56 points!!!)

The most recent ones are at the top of the list.

I am Not ten I an seven. (Hailee)

I go to the Bank and they give me a lapie pop. (Olivia)

I saw a brid with a bear and I chrie to rip it off but it coud not. (Olivia)

My Cuzines have a big bear in the back of there husue. (Bianca)

Its the best time of the year in Decmber 31th it is the last day of 2011. (Michaella)

I realea have to tie my shone befor I lose the football game. (Michaella)

Some times my Brother is anoing. (Renee)

I am the best stotent! (Anthony)

I saw a Ber. (Alejandro)

Yesterday I set the clock back one hour. (Hailey)

How many ties do you see? (Hailey)

I have a Pet bat withe me and he is so cute.(Bianca)

When My sister is playing in the sed she Dives under water! (Renee)

There are a lot of bats and they are messing with me. (Josh)

At 1000 am a beast ate me and my brothers. (Josh)

Yo I wanna ask you something! (Emily)

OMG! In my game of Zelda Link trened into a beast! (Emily)

I sat in my cher all ogon. (Alejandro)

I cant cech the Bass. (Olivia)

I have a dog name JayJay and It irn him. (Hailee)

My dad saw a snake in the middol of the rode. (Bianca)

A phone is call a sell phone. (Michaella)

My mom is a mummy. (Cristian)

Did you know faret means little raskal you have to be Smart to know that! (Emily)

Im haveing a sale of cats waring funny hats. (Jacob)

I am kicking a ball at my sistr. (Lilly)

My dad got beat up by a scwarl. (Jacob)

I am going to play bank with my cuszin. (Bianca)

I was alte for school and then I seen a lake so I went fishing there. (Josh)

At the beach I eat A penutebutr and jele sewich. (Madison)

My mom saw a bat at a black and gray cave. (Cristian)

I see someone holding a bat in baseball. (Ethan)

I hade three balloons I had a purpule and a black one and orange one. (Josh)

My bruthur crise wen he luois his balloons. (Madison)

I sow a balloon in the skiye. (Alejandro)

I have a son that eats like a slob. (Hailee)

I saw a dog ran away from y naybrzas hause. (Bianca)

My cuzin is going be a plesman and he is in 2th grated. (Bianca)

When I play Ball with my friend I always git Hit (Renee)

I glot lots of balloons on my birtday. (Hailey)

Today we are going to the compter lab. Yaaaa (Hailey)

I see a big balloon a scwarl is on Top of it. (Jacob)

Do you know why they ban soup from school? I know! (Emily)

She poped my balloon! (Michaella)

I am on the thaterk. (Lilly)

My sistr is a slob. (Lilly)

My couson is singin do ray me fo sa and la. (Hailee)

My ant is going to take me to a spa. (Maidson)

If you are seck you mite go to sleep. (Josh)

I hae a Dog that can Write and make my bed and talk! (Renee)

I have a cat that can Drive a car! (Renee)

I love peas and it is pas night! (Michaella)

Please give me my new toy NOW! (Emily)

One time I slaped my sister and left a red mark. ha ha (Emily)

As I go to sleep I sing to my sister's. (Hailey)

I steep in the Atdrnoon. (Justin)

My dog can clime a tree. (Jacob)

I saw a eel that allmost stuning me. (Olivia)

I saw a dog that Reads and Jumps. (Olivia)

I am going to the spa! (Lily)

My brother some times sits on my lap (Madison)

Ethan and I are pals. (Cristian)

I saw a apple on the grass. (Cristian)

Sometimes I have to scram to Not sale my things! (Renee)

I Love to play in the sea! (Renee)

I am geting a new dog for my brtheday and it is going to be loge day atil I get my dog. (Bianca)

I saw a snake in the midole of the rode. (Bianca)

She is a appl for halloween. (Hailee)

I see some sap going to the ground. (Ethan)

A seal can be trained to be a popstar. (Hailey)

I went to a a.m. (Editor's Note: 'aquarium') and I saw a seal! (Madison)

I sale on a bot. (Alejandro)

Cool my mom got a cool ipod with a lot of apps. (Emily)

Ahhhh~ the wave of the sea so relaxing! (Emily)

I slept in The morning. (Justin)

I am big on pep! (Jacob)

I got stuk By sap. (Lilly)

I like lime fruit. (Hailey)

I had a big meal last night. (Hailey)

I saw a snaek in the wudls with my mom and dad. (Bianca)

a mordolsikol (Editor's Note: 'motorcycle') was in auw way. (Bianca)

I am gowing to be a warwoof. (Hailee)

The mail man was sick. (Cristian)

I saw a bug that was buzzing. (Cristian)

I like limes and meals. (Joel)

My Brother is a male and He Drive me cruzy! (Renee)

I am 2 mile away from the house! (Alejandro)

I want a happy meal from McDonnle! (Michaella)

I ate a meal and it was good. (Josh)

Lunch is my favreit meal of the day! (Emily)

My cusins dog ren away from the haus and now ther ciying. (Bianca)

My baby sistra was sikce but now shes felling bethr. (Bianca)

My Dad lays in his Bet everytime! (Renee)

I saw a berd haedit jragin. (Madison)

I went away to (N.U.). (Madison) (Editor's note: Madison was not sure about the abbreviation for North Carolina so she gave it her best shot and put it in parenthesis. Way to go Madison!)

Did you know that Thier is a song called say. it is a old song! (Emily)

I saw a frog on the grass. (Cristian)

My mom lays in bed. (Hailee)

He always bracks the laws evrey time. (Josh)

He always runs away and then he comes back. (Josh)

every Budy always Bets Mss S at Bete the teacher. (Lily)

I always have a Grin on my Face! (Michaella)

I'm always hear. (Hailey)

He did not jump in the mud at nite. (Josh)

My mom faud a snak in the midol of the rode. (Bianca)

My sistar is comeing to visit. (Bianca)

Wun time she mist hir flit and she got in trupt. (Michael)

My dad is takeing me to the Pet stor today! (Madison)

I git on the bus evre bay. (Madison)

I sol a ant on the flor. (Alejandro)

My dad want to his now job. (Hailee)

A toad is a frog just a dry one. (Emily)

I have to do my addition Proploms. (Emily)

If i Had a ant on me I would scream! (Renee)

My dad goes crzsy! (Renee)

There are so meny of us in this rum. (Josh)

I got two shcool in a bus. (Bianca)

Owww my thumb is gushing out blood. (Emily)

I have thumb my fingr! (Michaella)

She mist hin bus and she got in chuds. (Michael)

I Like to play in the tub with the gogels. (Olivia)

Bady bears are called cubs. (Hailey)

I got a pet fum my Burbay and it is a bog and I Love it! (Starr)

I have to go to my brothers pracktis sone. (Josh)

I got a drss at the stone yesdrday. (Madison)

I write a butterfly song. (Hailey)

I got a nuw towea and my sistre got one to. (Bianca)

Wate is the opusit of no it is yes. (Bianca)

For my Birthay I got a gift! (Renee)

I Love to sing a song! (Renee)

I want to the stor with my mom. (Hailee)

I'm not happy right now! (Michaella)

Tomorow I will go to the market. (Cristian)

That is a bad song! (Jacob)

My food rots a lot. (Hailee)

I climned all the way to the Too. (Bianca)

When my Grandma is Driveing she sees the stop sign I say stop! (Renee)

Thair is a stopsign at every crater. (Hailey)

I have a spot hedebend just ilke my fredne. (Madison)

When my Brotrer is sick I say ick! (Renee)

My baby is sick and she has the fluw. (Bianca)

Wut is the opsit of undre it is up. (Bianca)

I feel so ick take me to the docter. (Emily)

Ticks are bad you have to go to the docter. (Emily)

I did a trick at the ckerces. (Olivia)

My mom likes to stir soup. (Josh)

I got a tick in my hare. (Lilly)

The clown made a trick. (Cristian)

I grin at myself in the mirror. (Ethan)

I went to the farm and got a pig. (Cristian)

I rip my moms papars. (Hailee)

I sing for my om and my Dad and my brauthr named Daniam. (Hailee)

YUKKY!!! Pigs stinky! (Emily)

Peeyo! I feel sick Becuse I spin! (Emily)

I have a grin on my face! (Michaella)

My Bruthr rips my peper. (Madison)

My Mom has 2 rings. (Hailey)

I like to play out side wene it is spring. (Josh)

I yous pins in my houes. (Josh)

I have a red pen in my haed but I gave my pen to Madison.(Bianca)

I send a pichr to my frand. (Hailee)

My mom spens her mony. (Joel)

I send letors to my frehs. (Joel)

I Love to spend my money! (Renee)

A bevr maks a den. (Alejandro)

over the weeked I send my causein a vibeo. (Hailey)

My sis draws an her hand with a pen and I skem! (Michaella)

Thare is a ded end!! (Jacob)

No!!!! I had to spend all my mony! (Emily)

I have a brown den in my houes. (Josh)

I spend a lot of munny. (Josh)

I spend mony. (Lilly)

When you get a fon you can texs and send. (Madison)

I sit on my dads lap efre day he cums back frum wrck. (Alejandro)

She as a pike har ant she is my fehe. (Starr)

My mom has a purple bedroom! (Renee)

I Like to splash in the water! (Renee)

I passed 1sd plas and I got a goldin hre ofe. (Bianca)

I sat on my moms lap beccua ther was nower els to sit. (Bianca)

me and my firend are pals. (Cristian)

my brother has my book. (Cristian)

my mom Lovs to go to the spa. (Joel)

My Brath sat on my lap. (Hailee)

I slap the fly sumtime. (Olivia)

I Beat the teacher for the 2ent time. So ha! (Emily)

I splash my brauthr in the pool. (Madison)

My brauthr has a cars shut. (Madison)

I toushst a pine tree and I got sap on my hand. (Hailey)

I have a Bathroom pass at shcool. (Olivia)
I have cash to pay for my food. (Ethan)

I see a cart on a track. (Ethan)

I like Blue Because my grandma car is blue. (Renee)

I went to the stor and I got a cat. (Josh)

My mom sed go do the dag and I.ll give you cash. (Josh)

I saw a car stuk in the bit. (Joel)

AT my hose i do art and cafs! (Madison)

I Beat My Teacher we win haha! (Michaella)

My Dad sat in the trash. (Hailey)

Ha I Beat the teacher! (Emily)

We have art on Friday at 11:30 - 12:30. (Emily)

I like stars becuse It is my Neam! (Starr)